edy fung
 #Video Art

A Conversation

A Conversation (2016, 09'57") is based on a text from Google's report on the progress on their artificial intelligence in 2015. (A Neural Conversational Model, 23th June 2015, http://arxiv.org/pdf/1506.05869v2.pdf).
I am most intrigued by the interaction shown between human and machine, one that was real and non-fictional. The visual concept emphasises on the use of time-based effect, undergoing both the linear and cyclical changes in colour and brightness, as the dialogue goes on. The background audio is aimed to capture human civilisation - an archive of sounds once collected by NASA as a summary of life on the Earth as a message to the universe.

Still Image from A Conversation, HD Video, Colour and Sound, 09/57”, 2016

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